About Project

In the summer of 2013, one of the IT companies "Via laurea" came up with an idea about virtual Lithuanian shopping center where anyone would be able to find and buy anything what was produced in Lithuania or has a Lithuanian brand mark.

When the autumn came, the words became actions. First of all, we registered the domain (www.Litmall.com) and discussed the mall structure and its principles. Currently, this virtual mall provides an opportunity to  sell and promote the widest range of goods and facilities. Clothes, food, unique art masterpieces, hand-made accessories, raw materials, agricultural goods - from the smallest amateur trades to the greatest wholesale. Everything Created, Produced, Made in Lithuania.

We have been working in the IT field for more than 7 years now. Since the 2007, we've created several hundreds websites, thus have accumulated experience which heps us to come up with the best IT solutions. In the year 2013, markets seemed stable. Lithuania had great trading bonds with EU and Russia. We knew that just an idea wouldn't be enough. In order to engage Lithuanian manufacturers and vendors, a really great tool was needed. It had to be reliable and powerful enough to stand in a line with the grands of the field like eBay, Amazon or AliExpress... Our aim was not only to hold our own, but also append some new useful functions. The plans were set up, and working process taken easily. As the company is not a huge one, its financial opportunities are limited. We've planned the airing date to be 2015 Spring and stabilize until the Summer of 2016. But, as the people say, "We plan, God laughs". The year 2014 had come with the geopolitical issues which weren't foreseen in the 2013. So, it became obvious that the Litmall is needed already. We've re-planned our schedules and put more effort into the process. And here we are, open for sellers and buyers since the 2nd of January, 2015.