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Payment System

Buyers are free to use Litmall buyer services. A small fee, depending on the price of the bought item, may only apply while transfering payments on PayPal. (More information about PayPal conditions is avalable [here]).

Sellers are adjusted to pay subscription fee and percentage fee (based on your sold item prices). Their amounts depend on the selected Seller Class. More information about Seller Classes and their fees is available [here].

Our supplemented technical solution allows to buy several products from up to 5 sellers and pay them at once. The paid amount then is split and sent to these sellers. The restriction of max number of sellers (5) is only because of PayPal restrictions. If a buyer wants to buy products from more than 5 sellers, he will have to make several separate orders - each time from 5 or less sellers. 

When the buyer makes a payment, earnings are split automatically through the PayPal system. The 93% (and sellers indicated shipping expenses) go directly to the seller, and the 7% (taxes) are sent to Litmall. All transactions are handled at the time. Litmall is not eligible nor responsible to administrate the seller's earnings - this condition is only different for the Service Providers when their services are sold on Litmall (you can read more about their conditions [here] .

Seller Account

1. First you select your desired website language
2. Then you hover over the "Sign In/Register" on the right top corner and click the red button "Register Seller Account"
3. Then you fill in all the required fields of the form
4. After clicking "Agree and continue", you are redirected to the PayPal system. There you have to pay the required fee. Without paying the fee, you are still able to sign in to your account, but have no opportunity to list your products and use other Seller services

Yes. It's the Seller commision fee. If you are using the Standart Seller Plan, then the fee value is equal 7% from the sold product price (shipping excluded). If you are a Wholesaler, then your fees are equal 4%. More information is provided [here] .

There are no amount restrictions for the listed products, you can list as many as you want (and as many as you have, of course).

It's because "each coin has it's both sides". It is really important that the product attributes and options were defined correctly as they play a great role in products filter. Correct attributes are important for the buyer. By not allowing to clone producty attributes and options, we affirm that the seller selects the correct ones, when editing the new product, and does not leave any attributes, which are not applicable for the new product, selected.

If you want your Brand to be shown in the Litmall "Brands" page, you have to create it first. The Brand is created in the same page where you create a new product. Under the "Choose your product category" field, there is a smaller input field, called "Brand name". For the first time, you have to press dark red thext "Creat new". Then, fill out the newly appeared fields (Brand name, logo and description). After you finnish filling out all the product data fields and press "submit", the Brand is submitted to the site, too. When you create another product of the same brand next time, you just need to select the already existing brand of yours.

When you create a new product, you have to write its descriptions in both English and Lithuanian languages. There are two language tabs with input fields for that. You probably only have filled the English language tab and forgot the Lithuanian one - then the product description will only be visible in English site version.

We kindly ask you not to fill English tabs with Lithuanian texts - descriptions and names in English are really important in this site.

Product listing

1. In the new product description tab, press "Youtube" button.

2. Open Youtube.com, then open your desired video. Copy the video URL.

youtube link

3. When the popup window shows up, paste the URL to "Paste Youtube video URL", tab. (Video has to be uploaded to Youtube site, you are not able to upload it directly here).


Only product's model is up tp you (it can be in any format you want). Max symbols - 64. Other codes have their structure and specific length. Those are standards predefined for those codes:

  • UPC - 12 symbols,
  • EAN - 14 symbols,
  • ISBN - 13 symbols.
Additional Functions

Yes, you can see their information and check or change the status (for ex. "paid", "shipped", etc.) online. You just need to go to your Account and click the "My orders" tab on the left panel.

After the buyer receives the product, he is able to rate the seller and their services.

The seller himself is responsible for the delivery of the sold product. When the seller creates a new product, he not only has to specify the product price, but also the shipping cost. There are several options possible. Seller can select the countries to sell the product to, the shipping cost and method depending on the country. There is also a possibility to suggest several shipping methods (and their prices) for the buyer to choose from.