Main Terms & Conditions

By using Litmall or having an access to its Services you agree and confirm not to:


  • List your items to inappropriate categories, post, list or upload advertisements, articles, links or another content to places for other uses or use any Litmall content not by its purpose;
  • Violate or circumvent any laws, third party rights or Our systems, policies and rules or restrictions of Your Seller or User account;
  • Use Our Services if You are not eligible to legally form contracts or have suspension (temporary or permanent) from Our websites, services or tools;
  • Refuse paying for items You purchased, unless You have a valid reason which was depicted in Litmall Policy (for example, the seller has materially modified the listed item or its price after your purchase, a clear typographical error is made, or you weren’t able to contact the seller);
  • Fail to deliver items You sold, unless You have a valid reason which was depicted in Litmall Policy (for example, the buyer refused paying for the item or shipping, did not accept the defined Rules or asked You to ship the item to the country You appointed as not available for this operation, or you weren’t able to contact the buyer);
  • Manipulate the price of your listed item, interfere or impede both listings and sales of any other Sellers on Litmall;
  • Post misleading, false, not appropriate or not accurate, offensive or defamatory content;
  • Take any actions which may illegally interfere or impair the Feedback or Item/Seller/Buyer ratings;
  • Transfer your Litmall account (including ratings and Feedback you received) and Your User ID to another party (or user) without informing Us in the first place and receiving Our approval;
  • Post or distribute spam, bulk communications, chain or abusive letters to other users or System Administrators through Personal Messaging or propagate pyramid business models of Litmall usage;
  • Spread viruses, worms, abusive software or other technologies which may harm Litmall, its property or the interests or property of its users;
  • Use any bots, robots, manipulate search engines, use spiders, scrapers or other automated means to access or use our data or Services for any purpose;
  • Bypass Our robot exclusion headers, prevent services from working properly or overload Our infrastructure with huge data portions;
  • Export or resell any Litmall service, application, tool or other property without both complying the export control laws and following the published rules and restrictions;
  • Plagiarize, reproduce, display, distribute, modify, reverse engineer or prepare derivative works from content that is a property of or licensed to Litmall, obtained along with other Litmall services or connected Third Party services, or which belongs to other Litmall users. That also applies to works covered by any copyrights, patent, trademark or other intellectual property right, if you haven’t been given any permission, license or order for the consistent right;
  • Make a profit of or commercialize any Litmall service, software, application, tool or data; Phish, harvest or otherwise collect information about Our users without their knowledge and permission;
  • Circumvent or hack any technical measures which We use to provide Our Services;


If We suspect or discover that You are abusing, manipulating, abusing or trespassing rules above or General Terms and Conditions of Litmall, We have a full right to take any action in our discretion in order to stop these actions or prevent You from any further harm (for example, by suspending, delaying or deleting Your User or Seller account and ability to use Our Services; also by suspending or removing the content you added, dismissing any special statuses of Your Account, removing or decreasing any discounts; and we may take legal actions in order to prevent You from using Our Services temporarily or permanently in the future).


We may remove from the system accounts which weren’t activated yet, which weren’t properly and fully registered, or accounts that have been utterly inactive for a long period of time. We also have a full right to terminate or refuse Our Services to anyone for any reason at Our discretion.